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In fact, about 70 percent of people who win a lottery or get a big windfall actually end up broke within three to four years, according to the National Endowment for. - For lottery winners, trouble followed fortune

Nearly 70% of lottery winners end up broke within seven years.Effects on Lifestyles: Percent of lottery winners who had spent their entire winnings within 5 years: 44 %: Percent who increased contributions to charity.Lottery winners stories. Lottery winnings bring heartache.

About 70 percent of lottery winners go broke - Real World

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Each of these lottery winners walked away with millions of dollars.

Big lottery winners offer advice,. but six years later still shops at discount stores and. but the tales of big lottery winners who wind up in.

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Many winners befall the so-called curse of the lottery, with some squandering.What happens a couple of days later when you. some terribly tragic stories over the years of lottery winners who.

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What are the long-term effects of major lottery wins on the winners.

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Past lottery winners weigh in on losing friends, becoming spectacles, and increasing the odds of striking it rich.Instant wealth has roiled the lives of lottery winners. Five years later,. due child support payments after his name surfaced as a lottery winner.Provides lottery results, payouts, analysis, statistics, reviews, news and trivia.

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Why do 70 percent of lottery winners end up bankrupt

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Most people have heard about lottery winners who lost it all,.

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Past winners of mega-lottery drawings and financial planners have some sound advice to new winners: Stick to a budget, invest wisely, learn to say no and be prepared.Photograph: The National Lottery/Camelot/PA.

While some lottery winners fritter away their fortunes or meet tragic.

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